Hi there,

Looking ahead to new opportunities with excitement, I am sad to announce that, as of today, Art & Photography Today will cease.

Art & Photography Today lasted almost four years and highlighted the work of more than a thousand emerging artists around the world. The blog attracted thousands of views every month and, according to Bloglovin’, is the #1 art blog in the UK and #4 in the world, which is an impressive achievement. I feel assured that Art & Photography Today is going out on a high, and I am incredibly thankful for your continued support.

If like me, you’re a through-and-through contemporary art enthusiast, rest assured that Art & Photography Today’s archive will remain online, encouraging the discovery of new talent in contemporary art.

Why is Art & Photography Today ending? Ultimately, my decision comes down to time. I am actively working towards a career as a screenwriter and, therefore, will be spending more time writing with the hope to, one day, be acknowledged in the film industry. There are enormous challenges ahead; however, film is where I want to be and, hopefully, I will get there with hard work and immense dedication.

Once again, thank you for your support. Please, when looking for excellent contemporary artwork and artists, continue to refer to Art & Photography Today and use its library of work as a resource.

Who knows, one day you may see my name on a cinema screen.

Wish me luck!

Daniel Dunt

If you would like to contact me, for whatever reason, you can email me at hello@danielwrites.co.uk. I would be pleased to hear from you.